I'm new to the graphic design stuff and am just starting to learn how to use Adobe Creative Cloud.

I usually do traditional art but I wanted to make some of my art on paper into better digital art where I can change around colors, create clearer and less "pixelated" designs and all that.

I'm struggling to find any ways on how to trace on top of my existing images.

I tried outlining the pen strokes of one of my drawings in photoshop and then filling it in with the fill tool but it was seriously messed up, and when I tried to do the same thing in Illustrator it didn't let me use the brush tool.

I also tried making my raster image into a vector in Illustrator but it only had the invisible outline of the original image which is not what I'm looking for.

Any and all advice is highly appreciated!

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    This question is too broad as it is. The needed technique would be different in Photoshop and Illustrator and would also depend on the media used on paper and the style of the artwork. I totally understand your confusion and I'm sure people here want to help but you have to narrow it down. Raster (Photoshop) or vector (Illustrator)? Show an example of your art and preferably also an example of the result you hope to achieve.
    – Wolff
    Jan 27 at 16:41
  • Have to agree with @Wolff here. We really need to see an example showing what you are trying to achieve, or possibly show what you have tried and what as failed. Different styles of art will likely need different techniques. Also Illustrator is a totally different kind of application from Photoshop. You need to narrow the scope of your question to one application or the other. At the moment it's far too broad.
    – Billy Kerr
    Jan 27 at 16:58
  • I also tried to do same last year, in Illustrator, so that I can make digital illustrations with the help of my art on paper. And I failed. Faced similar problems. Maybe I don't know the correct way to do it. But I'm sure some people do it.
    – Vikas
    Jan 27 at 17:26
  • First, I'd recommend not ever using Photoshop to trace in order to create pen (vector) paths, use Illustrator. Brushes in Illustrator are not the same as brushes in Photoshop... don't use brushes in Illustrator. At least not until you understand how they work. Try bezier.method.ac if you are struggling with the pen tool. And if you search the web for "Illustrator Tracing Tutorial" you find tons of things.
    – Scott
    Jan 27 at 19:40


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