I'm creating a silly anthropomorphic router by heavily modifying a product image of a Linksys router. Here's a preview.

I want to incorporate a starburst effect into the background by creating a layer with a linear white-to-transparent gradient, applying Wave and finishing with Polar Coordinates. Here's what my first attempt looks like:

As you can see, there's an unwanted artifact going from the center to the top of the layer. I'm assuming this is because the output from the Wave filter didn't tile horizontally. Is there a smart way to adjust the settings of the Wave effect so that I don't have to fix it up manually? I'm using Photoshop Elements 10.

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For the type of burst that you are doing, I would do this:

  1. Select Shape Tool and this shape enter image description here ( One of the default shapes ).
  2. Place it in the document center ( Ctrl + A > v and then align vertical and horizontal centers ). enter image description here
  3. Top menu Filter > Blur > Gaussian blur... ( or you can do this after step #5 if you want.. Or not at all, if you want sharper edges ) enter image description here
  4. Top menu Filter > Blur > Radial blur... enter image description here
  5. Apply previous filter as many times as needed Ctrl+F enter image description here

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