Can someone please tell me if I need to adjust how can I deal with opacity without going in the properties section in adobe illustrator?

I am familiar with Adobe Photoshop and Figma, and we can simply do this by clicking the number pad numbers. But I don't know why adobe illustrator does not have this feature.

For your reference please see the screenshot below. enter image description here

Is there any other way to handle this? Thank You.


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Yes, you will need to assign your own keyboard shortcut. Go to Edit> Keyboard Shortcuts and then under Tools scroll down. You can set the Opacity in 10% increments.

enter image description here

Otherwise, if you click into the percentage field for Opacity in the Properties Panel (or most any of the other of the numeric panels) you can use the up/ down arrows to increase or decrease Opacity by 1% or use shift + up/down arrow to change the opacity in 10% jumps. I use this method rather than the sliders or drop down settings because, with the preview box checked, you can visually see the results of each setting.

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