I am working with vector graphics designing mugs, but whenever I place an object on top of the mug, the object is changing color. I am noticing it is also happening to all my objects. The top object looks like it is under another object that would have its opacity down. I can't figure out why it is doing this to me. The waves are above the mug body, but still keep messing with the colors. The only thing I can think of is that all my colors are from the Pantone + Coated Color Book. I've worked like this for a while, and this is a new issue I am having.

The waves are on top of the body shape. All objects are 100% Opacity.


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I'm fairly confident that this has to be due to either a blend mode or opacity setting somewhere. Without direct file examination, it's impossible to state where.

An easy way to find something with an Appearance setting it to merely look at the Layers Panel. If the little circle on the right side is filled in then that object or layer has an Appearance setting --- which may be a blend mode or opacity alteration.

enter image description here

If a layer itself has Appearance setting then every object on that layer will also show
the filled circle (sometimes referred to as a "meatball").

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