When I start typing text randomly somewhere on an artboard in Illustrator, the right side of the text area doesn't line up with the right side of the last symbol.

enter image description here

In the above image, the tail of the 'W' lines up nicely, but the tail of the 'M' doesn't. Is it possible to shrink the text area to align with the end of the text?


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Fonts can have built in spacing around the glyph box. You can't generally alter that inherent spacing.

However, you've got letter spacing set to 250. Letter spacing is applied as part of the preceding character and before the next glyph. The "character" is comprised of glyph + kerning + letter spacing. In your image the letter space setting is also applied to the m since it's the base glyph, adding the 250 space after it.

For the image shown in the question, merely selecting the m and setting its letter spacing to zero may work.

In general, you can't make the area type box smaller than the type settings. It is possible to sort of "hack" it by making the letter spacing for the last glyph a negative value.

  • Thanks! That means that a large textbox drawn by hand and centering the text won't work either right? Feb 23 at 8:30
  • 1
    Centering text can be an odd thing for Adobe. Sometimes that additional space on the left counts toward centering, and sometimes it doesn't. Most often for a single line fo text, the space isn't factored when centering, but for multiple lines of text it probably will be.
    – Scott
    Feb 23 at 17:15

Note sure why you would want to do this or why it would matter, but it is possible to shrink the text box manually.

Select the text box and do Type > Convert to Area Type, then you can click and drag the text box edge as near to the edge of the text as you dare.


enter image description here

  • It matters because I want to center the text box element to other elements on the artboard. I'll try this trick though, thanks Feb 23 at 8:31

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