So im creating a texture pack for minecraft and am curently making a texture for a creeper.

I allready made a face but found it a bit boring I would like to see the green color have some darker/lighter green noise.

Is it possible or do I have to delete my face and randomize the green there?

Below are 2 pictures the first is what I have and the second is what I want. (any feedback on the face it self are welcome aswell since im not very good in making a scary 40*40 pixel face)

What ive made

What I want


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With the image at hand, just use the Color selection to select the green background, then apply any of the noise filters, for instance Filters > Noise > HSV with mostly "V" if you want dark/light pixels:

enter image description here

In practice, it helps to keep features on their own layers because you can easily edit each without having to do selections (for instance you can easily relocate eyes, etc, by just dragging the corresponding layer):

enter image description here

Note that you don't often need "holes", most features just cover up what is under (which is useful if you move the top features around)

enter image description here

  • okay thank you ill try it this way
    – G-J GAMES
    Mar 4, 2022 at 19:37

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