I am trying to maintain consistency by keeping all the icons in the same dimensions, but here I am facing a problem in XD. But here I don't know why it is not working in xd.

I want to show the PINK LINE guideline with my SVG files also. Am I missing some settings that need to be done?

Please see the video for your reference.

I know the fact that I can do this by entering the same width and height comparing the previous one, but that is not a valid solution here.


  • In your video the program notifies that the edge of the green shape is aligned with the rectangle above when you do the scaling. Draw a temporary shape for measurements. BTW. Actually I do not know how to use XD, but obviously you could also drag from the edges guidelines like in other Adobe software See this: helpx.adobe.com/fi/xd/help/…
    – user287001
    Mar 11 at 7:21


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