I am working on a yearly digital planner using InDesign 17.0, currently putting all hyperlinks manually (Right-click on monthly calendar date -> hyperlink and select the corresponding daily page with that date but this process takes too much time as I need to link all monthly calendars with daily pages.

So I was wondering if there is any automat process etc to do that automatically? seems there should be a way to do that like pro but still don't know that method that's why I headed to this amazing community and hoping for some great tips and methods. enter image description here

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    Yes, scripting.
    – joojaa
    Mar 12 at 5:31
  • @joojaa I am sorry not agree with you, digital panners are something still worth to design and creaet and sbviously InDesign is the best software to creaet digital planners. Mar 12 at 14:09
  • Scripting or manual work.
    – Lucian
    Mar 12 at 18:11
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    And how is scripting not considered using indesign? If you want to do something that the software has no functions for your options is to do it manually or write a script to do it.
    – joojaa
    Mar 13 at 12:34


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