I'm new to Illustrator. I downloaded a stock image of a bubble popping from Adobe (link), but I need it in a sprite png format with transparency. When I open it in Illustrator, there appears to be 1 artboard with a bunch of layers on it:

enter image description here

The first row is in one group, and the second row is in another group. And then there are sub-layers, with "paths", for the boxes and numbers. Is this a common layout? How can I convert this into a sprite png?


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Yes this is how everything is normally laid out in Illustrator - in layers, groups and sublayers.

If you want to rearrange the frames, ungroup once or twice, until you have just the frame groups left. Using the Select Tool V, you can then move them and use snapping to get them accurately placed.

You can also use the direct selection tool A to select objects in a group for, example if you want to delete them. Also looks like the frames have a white stroke. You may want to also select these and set the stroke to none.

Finally, remove or hide the background layer. Select all, and do File > Export Selected, choose PNG as the file format.


Select all objects, and group them. Then drag that into the Asset Export palette. From there, you can export into any format, including the PNG.

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