Some letters in devangiri may appear on top of each other, or maybe next to each other with both of them halved. Like this: खा. This is actually a combination of 2 letters,ख and ी. I'm working with fontstruct, and I was wondering how I could replicate this myself.

  • It has something to do with the x-y positioning on the glyphs. You need to set the matra to some negative x-position in order to patch it with the previous character. Mar 25 at 7:14
  • Or it's perhaps made as ligatures in sophisticated fonts. Not sure fontstruct supports ligatures.
    – Wolff
    Mar 25 at 11:11
  • Is there a free font builder that does support ligatures?
    – Shib
    Mar 25 at 14:09
  • FontForge does, but it's a much more complex program with a steep learning curve.
    – Wolff
    Mar 26 at 11:13
  • @Wolff im not sure fontforge has a steep learning curve. Its just that if you want everything you need to get a lot of things right. Its not the software that requires to go in with a steep curve its the user who wants to get there too fast.
    – joojaa
    Mar 27 at 14:43


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