I have an existing Photoshop file which contains several layers. Each layer is a square shape filled with a solid color. I want to change the color of the squares to Lab values. For example I want one square to be filled with L=50, a=0, b=-20. How do I do this? I am a Photoshop novice.

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It depends on how the layers are made :

-> If they are simple pixel layers and look like these :

Simple Layer

Choose your LAB color on the color tool :

color tool

Then lock the pixels on the selected layer, and use alt/option + delete on the keyboard to fill the pixels with your color. (If you don't lock the pixels, this will fill all the canvas, not only the existing pixels)

lock the pixels

-> If they are dynamic layers and look like these :

Dynamic layers

Simply double clic on the color thumbnail and you'll open the color window.

Double Clic

  • They are simple pixel layers. Thanks!
    – KAE
    Apr 5, 2022 at 15:45

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