I have a little video animation. I want to change the backgroud color (Part of built-in Video) from black to white throughout the whole video without disturbing the main focused logo (RED logo).

enter image description here

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    Video questions are generally best handled at video.stackexchange.com and are somewhat off-topic here -- but can't you simply change the stage color? Assuming you have an actual video construction files and not the gif you posted or a simple mp4, et. al. -- in which case I think you'd need to reconstruct from the ground up. The black is integrated into each and every frame of a gif or flat video file.
    – Scott
    Apr 25 at 20:39
  • Well, i didn't know about the video.stackexchange.com was a thing. But, thank you for letting me know. I converted the mp4 file to image (.gif) as it was not allowing me to upload direct video file. And, surely will test the approach you shared.
    – Jawad
    Apr 26 at 4:50
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    If it's just an mp4, reconstructing entirely would be easier than removing the black.
    – Scott
    Apr 26 at 5:31
  • Well, I am not the owner of this video. And i have not made it. I just got it in this state and being asked to change the black bg to white. That's why I asked. Yes, it would have been so much easy to made changes in it, only if i have made it.
    – Jawad
    Apr 26 at 7:34


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