I'm trying to send an AI file as an EPS file for engraving and they want only the artwork inside/on the active artboard - because I started with a file of many artboards and then separated them into 20 different files, with an individual artboard in each file but elements of the neighbouring artboards' design (text on a curve that spans several boards) also showing on the grey area around the artboard.

Exporting as EPS doesn't have the option of using artboards only like a jpeg does. Really finding it a bit odd I can't just crop the artboard!

I've tried making a rectangle and Object: Path: Divide, but this isn't doing anything.

I am a beginner with AI, would very much appreciate advice! Many thanks.

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Do File > Save As. Choose Illustrator EPS as the file format. Enable the Use Artboards option, and enable the Range option and under that type the number of the artboard you want to save.

enter image description here

I tested this with a multiple artboard document, and it definitely works. Note: This may look a bit different if you are using a Mac; the screen shot here is from a Windows computer.

  • Thanks, Billy! I'll give that a shot.
    – Arabla
    Commented May 1, 2022 at 8:42

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