I have this tree shape artwork and i want to trim hole (which are spotted with black color). I tried with all the trim options, Did not work. How can i trim. Any other way or option


enter image description here

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Assuming the circles are on top of everything else...

  • Select all the circles
  • Choose Object > Compound Path > Make from the menu. This forces Illustrator to see the circles as one, singular object, rather than a collection of objects.
  • Change the Fill of the circles to be either 100C100M100Y100K or 0R0G0B, depending upon the color mode you are working in. (Yes, 100% of all inks in CMYK - it's for a mask not printed objects.)
  • Select all the artwork (trees and circles)
  • On the Transparency Panel (Window > Transparency) click the Make Mask button
  • Untick the Clip button on the Transparency Panel

This will give you an Opacity Mask which will "punch" out the holes in the underlying artwork.

enter image description here

More on opacity masks...


Definitely what Scott said, but depending on your end purpose, it may actually be easier and quicker to just edit the circles from a black fill, to a white fill.

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