Im somewhat new to figma so forgive me if this is a basic question. What is the best way to create a partial outline? For example,

enter image description here

I initially duplicated the rectangle and made it a bit bigger, but the proportions for the curve were no longer correct.

Thank you in advance

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It's a little tricky, but possible.

  1. Draw a square and round the corners, set a fill, but no stroke.

  2. Duplicate it using Ctrl+D, then add a stroke and remove the fill. Set the stroke to "center".

  3. Using the Move Tool V, double click on the stroke to edit it, and add nodes. Note: This is a tricky part, since you have to add a centre node first, then you can add others to the left or right of the centre node.

  4. Select some segments and Delete them. Note: It can be quite difficult to select a segment. You need to hover your mouse over a segment between two nodes, the line changes colour slightly to show when you've selected it.

  5. Select the filled square, and bring it to the front using ]

enter image description here

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