I noticed the pen tool behaves a little differently in photoshop than it does in illustrator. I've created a curve and then an anchor point but then I want to have a straight path after that. I am trying to amend the second path because its curved. Using the convert anchor point tool I tried at first to click on the anchor because thats what you do in illustrator to make one side of the anchor point straight but it doesn't do anything.

I then tried to click the anchor point itself and it makes both lines straight.

enter image description here

[enter image description here][

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I think you are mis-remembering.

Use the Convert Anchor Tool and click the Bezier handle you wish to change. If you want to completely remove the handle from one side of an anchor on an existing path, then Option/Alt-click the Bezier handle you want to remove with the Convert Anchor Tool.

You don't actually want to click an anchor in the middle of a path with the Convert Anchor Tool unless you want to alter both sides of the anchor.

This is very similar to Illustrator pen operations (unless they've changed things in the last year, which is unlikely).

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