I am looking for a bootstrap theme for a web application. The application is going to manage properties for landlords, so it is going to be mainly a collection of tables and forms -- and so the "Admin & Dashboard" category seems to fit what I am looking for.


But I would like a red site and the "Admin & Dashboard" bootstrap the themes are all blue. I have been told that you cannot easily change the colour of the a bootstrap theme, because it would have been developed using shades of a colour and therefore you would need to change many colours in the theme.

I have considered a grayscale site and have a red logo. But then I need to find a grayscale bootstrap theme.

I want to use a bootstrap theme as it is -- and not have to change it. But I also want a red site. What are my options?

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This is probably a personal rant. Sorry :)

I think that bootstrap is a necessary pain.

On the very first lines of the stylesheet you have something like this: enter image description here

Which was a "politician" promise. "If you vote for me, you can change one variable and all the site will be updated!"

But then, you see that all over the page you have specific values everywhere.

enter image description here

They could have used another color notation like HSL, but no...

So the truth is that you need to update your stylesheet yourself.

Use the inspector to find a specific color value and replace it with your new value.

You probably need to prepare first a small table for your conversions. For example, when you first encounter a tone of blue, you probably do not know if it is the lightest tone or the middle tone. So making a small table first will allow you to visualize the changes you need to make.

Back up your original files first.

I will try to expand this answer with some additional resources to ease the process.

  • Thanks @Rafael. That is very helpful! May 19, 2022 at 7:34

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