Layer's icons may have different colors, as e.g. in the “A4 leaflet 3-fold Roll” document template:

enter image description here

A layer's icon color is repeated in the status bar, too (near the layer's name):

enter image description here

But in the “Layers and Objects” dialog there is not an option for changing it, nor in the layer's context menu:

enter image description here

How to change it?

(Inkscape 1.2)

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You can also click on the colored line to the right of the layer/object name in the list, which opens a color picker dialog.

It's a small target, so it might be easy to miss while trying to click on it.

enter image description here


Select the layer, and in the “Object Properties” dialog (Object → Object Properties...) you will see its color:

enter image description here

Double-click on it, and you may select your desired color.

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