I noted that every guideline has an annoying point on it, which may be dragged along it, but I don't see any way how to remove it.

I noted, too, that guidelines in some templates have labels, and again, I'm not able to remove them – guidelines are not objects, their labels are not text objects, context menu (right-click) on a guideline is helpless.

enter image description here

So my questions are:

  1. What is the purpose of this annoying point other than moving the label with it?
  2. How may I get rid of the guideline's label - or how may I create it?
  • The guide anchor is useful if you want to align something to it, using snapping for example. I use this feature frequently. You can't remove the guide anchor.
    – Billy Kerr
    Jun 21 at 10:32

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  1. That annoying point is an anchor point, and it is useful in 2 ways:

    • It serves as an extra magnet (beside the whole magnetic guideline - if you have set snapping to guide lines).
    • You may rotate the guideline around it – just hold the Shift key down and drag the guideline with the mouse.

    Rotating guideline

  2. Double-click the guideline and use the popped-up dialog box to add / remove a label:

          enter image description here


If you need guidelines slanted in 45o angle, you may simply drag them from the very ends of rulers:

enter image description here

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