Heyo guys. I'm looking to get my personal logo critiqued

The logo would represent the intersection between engineering and design and set an overarching design language for what I place it on:

  • Circular background logo: profile pics, favicons, anything small
  • Long width logo: works well with lines of text, add a pic on top...
  • Logo top + Type bottom: works with namecard

Note: the circular encasing simulates a profile pic container

Not sure if the shape, balance and colors are good. Alternative suggestions will be considered.

Original: v0 (just a relative measure)

Edit: v1

Reduced teal color in dark background, suggested by @Janus Bahs Jacquet

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    It’s hard to know whether the associations the logo gives match your profile, since you don’t mention what it is you’re actually making a logo for exactly. But as a general comment, I like it. I find it well-balanced, an easily-recognisable shape that’s not easily confused with anything else I can think of. The colours work well, though I think the darker blue could be less teal. Association-wise, it makes me think of communication (looks like chain links) and problem solving (looks like an opened lock or chain link) more than graphic design; but they’re not incompatible spheres. Jun 21 at 19:48
  • The logo would represent me and the work I do in tight spaces and set an overarching design language for what I place it on. This includes small profile pics, website, namecard... etc The link association was interesting. I didn't see that. I'm 100% trying to convey problem solving in terms of technical interests (engineering stuff). I guess the "design feel" is kinda lacking when the logo is standalone. But "design" could also be conveyed through the website, namecard... what ever I place it on. Colorwise I do agree that the dark blue could do with a bit of tuning. Jun 22 at 1:48
  • It looks nice to me! The circle version is not necessary in my opinion. The logo icon itself is balanced and complete.
    – Vikas
    Jun 22 at 5:58
  • @MengLinMaker For the record, I meant the darker of the two blues used in the ‘link’ itself, not the navy blue background. I didn’t see that as part of the logo, just samples of the logo on different backgrounds. Similarly (@Vikas), I understood the circle version to be an example of the logo as it would look in a circular space, such as in an Instagram avatar. Jun 22 at 7:29
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    @JanusBahsJacquet yeah if the purpose of circle is to show how it would look on circular container like on Twitter and Instagram, it's fine. I just meant if it's part of logo, I would personally prefer the version without circle.
    – Vikas
    Jun 22 at 7:34

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Overall I think it's very well made.

In general, nice work.

These comments are more "nit picky" than anything. I don't think there's any issue anywhere in the mark that immediately struck be as poor or needed fixing. I'd be pleased with myself if I created your mark.

I do think the application inside the circle just distracts from the mark in general and should be avoided where possible. The mark stands on its own just fine. No need for the encompassing shape.

I can't really comment on the colors. I think your choices are pleasing. Any color choice is more about you and your personality. It's rare to have a "wrong" color combinations in a personal mark. The blue/teals are nice and convey a somewhat "laidback" attitude, but the strength and simplicity of the icon itself still seems to convey a "professional" or "serious" mindset. At least to me.

I'm not a huge fan of the type "Meng Lin" - It's not bad in any way. It's simply uninteresting. Admittedly, I have a personal pet peeve regarding branding that's just an icon placed above a typeset font. If one is going to flex some creativity for the icon, the same care should be given to the type. I don't find much interest if I can choose a font from a type menu and match your logo font exactly. But again, I don't think type is bad in any way in your mark. it's simply not very memorable on its own.

The iconography is great. I would perhaps focus on construction at this point. Merely to refine everything. There seems to be some very minute discrepancies in widths and rounding. However, what I'm seeing may just be due to posting the raster format, and some distortion occurred due to that process. But... at this point I would reconstruct with precision in mind...

enter image description here

My only possible point of exploration would be in perhaps rounding the 4 sharp corners ever so slightly. Only a small % of the other rounding so they aren't 90° corners. This is merely a matter of preference, though. If you like the sharp corners then I wouldn't argue with you about them. I think it works either way. The slight rounding of those 4 corners should soften things just a hair as well as make the mark "feel" a bit more fluid overall. So, I'd use a circle that is 25% the size of the inner, smaller, circle in the grid.

enter image description here

Again, these are really minor things and I only mention them because you asked. :)

  • The circle is just to show the boundary of things like Instagram or Twitter avatars – it’s not part of the logo (this was clarified in a comment). Jun 22 at 21:35
  • Thanks for the quality feedback. Looks like there isn't much point making any changes to color, and overall shape. I'm glad that it doesn't look too serious, but also not too relaxed either. With the type, I simply chose something very geometric to complement the logo. The font is "Outfit". Also thought about using "Lexend" which has a few quirks here and there. But I did think also think about a more custom font. Honestly, not too sure about typography at the moment. What I've chosen is probably the safest choice I can think of. Refining construction is probably exactly what I need! Jun 23 at 12:28
  • @Scott I constructed the logo in a slightly different way. What you did by merging the center points of the curves really simplifies the design and feels more confident. In all seriousness, I like your construction much better. Jun 23 at 12:38
  • @Scott May I take inspiration :) ? Not sure if I could even improve it anymore. Honestly perfectionism lesgo! Jun 23 at 13:37

It looks fine, minimal and balanced to me. The original is better lookig as long as the edit has too stronge colors.

  • Oh haha fair enough, I can kind of see what you mean. I struggle to find a balance. But the old one doesn't look vibrant enough. Jun 24 at 11:11

Simple, clear and looks finished. But make only the colored no circle version known. Do not offer a possibility to say there is a red flag, white circle and a black symbol on it. One day someone may need something against you and that version will be more than welcome.

  • I don't understand what you mean. The 2 color version is in case the medium I use can only support 2 colors. The circle is used to emulate a circular profile pic. Jun 22 at 14:02
  • @MengLinMaker in Europe numerous countries were occupied by nazi Germany or were governed by local same ideology group. They still have laws which offer jail to people who publicly admire nazism for ex. by keeping visible the leftmost flag in the next image i.stack.imgur.com/3aOD7.png There exist numerous old and new revolutionary groups here and there who are based on nazism. They try to evade the consequences of using nazi symbols by having something like the flag in the rightmost image. I guess waving it in a demonstration or in a flagpole would be handled soon in a court of law.
    – user287001
    Jun 22 at 19:54
  • 4
    @user287001 That is not only unlikely, but extremely far-fetched. You could make the same argument about any monochrome logo (make it black and put it in a white circle on a red background, voilà, pseudo-Nazi flag), but absolutely no one would have any kind of reason to do so. There is zero resemblance to or association with any kind of Nazi symbolism in the logo shown here. Jun 22 at 21:42
  • Don't worry, I'm definitely not gonna use red. Jun 23 at 12:13
  • It's not my problem. But someone else may invent it as soon as something useful is needed. I have only a habit to do the same without a need. If the blueish versions with no circle are the known ones the invention is improbable even in case when something is needed.
    – user287001
    Jun 23 at 12:52

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