Just like the title says, I'm trying to create relative paths to an Illustrator file and Excel file in my template file. I'm using data merge to create a bunch of files from the template and when I the individual InDesign files, I run a script that places each of the new documents into a folder with the same name. I am then dropping the linked files into the new folders and kept the files the same name and kept the same file structure. So, if it were a relative path, it would update. But, it shows up as a missing link. After I make the files, I am running a script to open the files, update links, and export a PDF; so, manually updating the links kinda defeats the purpose.

If there's not a way to create a relative path, is there a script out there that will look for a file of the same file type and/or filename in the same folder as the document?

Thank you in advance!

enter image description here

  • I’ve tried reading your description four times now, and I simply cannot understand it. Can you please try to describe your workflow more accurately? Jun 22, 2022 at 21:30
  • Don't know about a script.. but from the Link Panel, choose 1 missing link... and then use the Panel menu to chose Relink to Folder. Choose the new folder. ID asks if you want to update other links found there as well. That should be scriptable, but I'm not the one to ask that :)
    – Scott
    Jun 22, 2022 at 21:48
  • Sorry @JanusBahsJacquet, I know it's complex, but I'm not sure I can describe it differently. Jun 22, 2022 at 22:21
  • @Scott Ya, that's what I'm thinking. There's gotta be a way to do it. I have a script that updates the links, but doesn't work with missing links. I'm trying to go through all of the forums to see if somebody knows a way to make it scriptable. So far, unsuccessful. Thank you, though! Jun 22, 2022 at 22:23
  • ermm.. community.adobe.com/t5/indesign-discussions/… (no endorsement though. I haven't tried it.) There's also youtube.com/watch?v=SFZIPDhEkqY -- but I assume you've found these already.
    – Scott
    Jun 22, 2022 at 22:31


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