I create a manual multiple times a week where I have to add external pages to the end of the PDF I create. I then update the ToC so they link to the pages that were added to the PDF in Adobe Acrobat. The PDF pages I add are not always the same and can be different amount of pages. I do not want to place them in InDesign otherwise I would lose the interactivity of the external PDF's

My current process

  1. Delete the action
  2. Select "Go to a page view" and add that action
  3. Set Link (I could go to the page and set link, but I do not really like that process)
  4. Go to actions and set the correct view and page number

Edit page link


Is there a way to skip "Set Link" and just input the page number and view? I am trying to speed up a process that I do several times a day/week.


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