I usually expect a teaser to have some kind of multimedia content like an image or a video or an audio preview. Pretty much like a media-object .

But is a teaser still a teaser, if there's no multimedia content but only text & links?

Is that a teaser without image?
Or would generically rather be a card? (a block with a title and some content)

What's the correct naming/pattern?

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    A teaser for a book e.g. doesnt need any images, videos or audio.
    – Lapskaus
    Jun 29 at 14:08
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    He is not asking about video editing. He is asking about visual comunication, which is on topic here.
    – Rafael
    Jun 29 at 19:16
  • @BillyKerr Did you mean to post that comment on a different question? This question has nothing whatsoever to do with video editing… Jun 29 at 21:20
  • @JanusBahsJacquet - no, I saw "video" and "teaser" and apparently put two and two together and got five. Apologies.
    – Billy Kerr
    Jun 30 at 0:16
  • To be fair, a "card" is a video term as well. I too thought it was about video, which it may be. But the heart of the question, to me, is more about marketing terminology than construction.
    – Scott
    Jul 1 at 16:45

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A "teaser" is typically defined as anything which entices the viewer to look further (or keep watching in the case of multimedia) without actually giving away the "offer".

  • Coming up! Do you want to save $500 a month?
  • Later in the show - How you could save $500 a month!
  • Inside: How you could save $500 a month!
  • Could you use an extra $500 a month?
  • What simple step could help you generate and extra $500 a month?

Teasers don't need any image to be effective.

enter image description here

I create teasers all the time for envelopes — which clearly don't contain any video or multimedia content.


Just a quick answer.

Text is can be an image.

A blank black image, is an image.

As a marketing effort just make sure that you can use that teasing later. If a black image is to later promote a "Black Adam" or a "Darkest Night" movie, then it has sense.

Even an empty space, on a bus stop with a small text can be, for example "This space is for you" a teaser.

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