To change the stroke width of an object, you may use, e.g., the Stroke style tab of the Fill and Stroke dialog, or the context menu of the Stroke width in the selected style indicator:

                   enter image description here

But the change of the stroke width is not continuous.

Is it possible to continuously changing the stroke width by dragging with mouse?

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Yes, it is possible:

  1. Select an object (or more objects).

  2. Drag an (invisible) line (a ray, radius) from the actual stroke width indicator into canvas.

    enter image description here

  3. Then – still with left mouse button pressed – change the angle of this invisible line.

  4. Finally, when you are satisfied with the new stroke width, release the mouse button:

  enter image description here

This method is very similar to the method for changing a color in my other answer.

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