Is there a way in indesign to automatically apply the true opentype superscript and subscript characters, if they are available (and use the regular scaling if not), when the superscript/subscript button is checked?

As I see it, even if I manually change the character to its opentype counterpart, the superscript/subscript information through the button in the menu is lost. When I change it to a font that doesn't have the opentype character, it doesn't automatically change to the regular superscript letter but to an unknown character.

It works wonderfully with small capitals so why won't it work with superscript and subscript? Or am I overlooking some preferences here?

I import all the text via word documents and it would be a hell of an error source if I had to (manually) change all superscript and subscript text to opentype letters without it's super/subscript-information. If I'd use character styles, it would overlap with other character styles which might need to be applied.


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