This is for Adobe Illustrator. I am a beginner and am following a YouTube tutorial and they want us to start will a line segment. Once I add the Zig Zag effect on the line segment it ends up with filler in between the waves. This has happened previously and Im not sure how to fix or avoid this from happening. Any tips? Its like a line running straight through the object from one end to the other

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There's a Fill applied to the path.

Remove the fill via the Color, Appearance, or Property Panels.

By default, Illustrator draws all new objects with a white fill and black stroke. On straight paths, the fill is never really visible, nonetheless it's still there. As soon as the path is no longer straight, you see the fill.

  • OHHHH thank you very much
    – Lily
    Jul 19 at 20:27
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    – Billy Kerr
    Jul 20 at 9:38

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