enter image description here


  1. create 2 circles and center them.
  2. select both and path > division
  3. use the edit path by nodes tool to inspect the path

Why is the path so complex in step 3? Is there a way to simplify that?

I've tried path > simplify, but it turned out to be a little different.
(I simplify the red one, and the gray one remains the same) enter image description here

A closer look at step 3 enter image description here


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I don't know why exactly 'Path → Division' creates more nodes than strictly necessary, but it does seem like it's the intended behavior. If I had to guess, the Inkscape developers may have done this for extra accuracy.

In this case, you can get pretty much the same output, but with simpler paths by duplicating the inner circle (Ctrl+D) and using 'Path → Difference' instead.

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