How can I split a document so I can view one full page of the document on the left and a different page on the right?


I have a document with portrait-oriented pages, and want to view two full non-consecutive pages at a time.

Attempt and Current Behavior:

Window -> Split (splits the document horizontally, so I'm wasting half my screen and neither half of the split can display a full page)


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Window > New Window will give you 2 windows for the same PDF. Each window can display a different page in the PDF. Changes made in either window will be to the same, original, PDF. Merely position the windows so you can see them both.

I don't think it's possible to make "Split" split vertically, or any other way to view non-consecutive pages at the same time, short of duplicating the PDF on the hard drive and opening the original and the copy at the same time.

Note that none of this will translate to any other user viewing the PDF. It's not possible to set a "display" where 2 non-consecutive pages are shown to a reader at the same time. If the desire is to show users these 2 non-consecutive pages, then the original layout should be addressed. You can't do it in the PDF itself.

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