It seems like it should be pretty easy to get rounded tips on this football shape, but I have been trying for an hour now with no luck. I must be overlooking something.

This is the shape: This is the shape.

This is a rounded edge, which I can not achieve: This is a rounded edge.

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Inkscape 1.2.x has a Corners Live Path effect, which is quite similar to the Rounded Corners widget in Adobe Illustrator. It's a nice feature, and is non-destructive, which means you can go back and edit it, and you can remove/disable the effect without altering the original.

  1. Select an object, and do Path > Path Effects, hit the + button to add a new Path Effect

  2. When the dialog opens search for "corner", and choose it

enter image description here

  1. Switch to the Edit Paths by Nodes tool N, click and drag to select the two pointed corners, then click and drag the corners to round them as you like.

Here's an example

enter image description here

Note: If you want to bake in the Live Path Effect, and turn it into a normal path, do Path > Object to Path- but you need to be aware this is destructive and you won't be able to edit the corners as a path effect any more.

Another method without any effects

  1. Draw a flattened ellipse and do Object to Path using Ctrl+Shift+C

  2. Select the Edit Paths by Nodes tool N and in the controls along the top, hit the button to Show Transform Handles

enter image description here

  1. Click and drag around two opposing nodes, then hold down Shift and click and drag to enlarge the shape horizontally, do the same vertically if required.

enter image description here

And finally although not useful for your specific use case, you can also draw rounded polygons directly by using the Stars & Polygons tool, just change the Rounded parameter

enter image description here


I figured out a way the moment I asked this. I used a rounded stroke and converted the stroke to a path. So easy and obvious. I'm not sure why that took so long.


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