Looked it up on The Cow, but the answer was very vague so I'm probably not doing it right:

I have about 200 icons I want to randomly disperse amongst the comp and have move organically. How can I use particular to have the particles use multiple sources / layers / sprites, so we can see all of the icons using only one emitter?



Woah that Cow link is intense! An idea:

Arrange your "basic" grid using Gridder Push everything around a bit to get an "organic" feel Try wiggling each layer's position—maybe using wiggle(0.25,50)

Or whoops I totally missed the Particular question. Create a comp 200 frames long, have each icon be one frame long (so when you RAM preview this it speeds through everything crazy-like [this is for Particular btw]). Then in your Particular settings… image attached!enter image description here

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