Is there a term for such an image, and what software is used to create a graphic like the following image, for example? It looks like some kind of vector image built from basic shapes.

3-d looking image

  • Ok, so while I personally wouldnt have much problem drawing that image. It does underline a issue, ive spent the last 10 years specializing in this kind of things for fun. A better question would be to ask what is the shortest path to acieving this. And unfortunately that answer is use a cad application then color in illustrator or inkscape.
    – joojaa
    Sep 4, 2022 at 20:54
  • Affinity Designer (specific vector design app) has an entire suite of iso drawing tools - I used to do these in illustrator, but it was a fair amount of work; in Designer, it’s close to trivial. Sep 6, 2022 at 14:15

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The view is called isometric projection (or simply isometric).

There are tons of tutorials online on how to draw such images.

The style is pretty minimal. It could probably be called Flat Design or perhaps Flat Design 2.0 because of the use of gradients.

It can be drawn in any vector drawing application with basic tools. Commonly people would use something like Adobe Illustrator (subscription software) or Inkscape (free).

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