I have a text variable for paragraph style A. The book is like this: ch1_00, ch1_01, ch1_02.

ch1_00 contains the chapter cover, and I want to put here the text variable based on the words contained in the ch1_00 document.

All those documents are contained in a book. So I would like to get the variable to work in the ch1_01, ch1_02 too. How can I do this?

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Yes, sort of.

It can't be fully automatic, but you can set the text variable in the master document in the book palette as a Custom Text Text Variable by copy-pasting it from the paragraph in question.

Then use the Sync command and set it for Text Variables only which will update all instances of it in the balance of the book.


I also require this functionality but can confirm Will's answer that there does not seem to be any automated solution.

I reference 3 paragraph styles from the front cover of reports as separate Running Headers in order to automatically populate a pre-styled 'Footer' master page.

This works fine if the text being referenced is NOT in a master page itself, plus this does NOT synchronise across books.

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