Have a new job where I am having to create "in situ" design i.e a quick mock-up of logos on vans or shop decals. I find myself fiddling quite a lot with perspective distort tool in illustrator or even trying to use and get familiar with the perspective grid tool in illustrator. Just wondering if there are any standard practises with creating design like this or even if I should be using photoshop? I chose illustrator because of familiarity and because I can scale things up and down as vectors and manipulate the shapes easily. I do know that mock-up templates use photoshop. Any youtube resources/tutorials would also be helpful

  • whatabout using an actual 3D program?
    – joojaa
    Oct 16, 2022 at 5:54

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I used Illustrator for over 10 years to mock up for signs, garments . I used to have customers bring in the their cars and I was taping a ruler on each side before taking a picture so I can scale them accurately, One of my major problem that I encountered was when I was making a file to cut a decal for a windshield so it will follow the curvature at the top, and I end up tracing the curvature on the paper so I can make an accurate file to cut the decal.

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