I have a fairly blurry image, which supposed to be easily redrawn:

enter image description here

However, when I choose trace from menu, it gets me very complicated results, and I wish to avoid freehanded redrawing.

Here is my result with auto-trace:

enter image description here

Middle circle is not needed, as it's a perfect circle, it's easy to redraw.

But how could I redraw the cogs of the gear to be perfectly symmetric in every direction?

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The raster image is too low quality for a good auto trace. Unless you have something better, it would simply be easier to redraw it. Garbage in = garbage out.

Redrawing is fairly simple. Here are the basic steps for one method.

  1. Just draw one half of a cog tooth, with a little overlap over the centre line to ensure no gaps during rotation

  2. Round some corners using the Corners LPE, and then rotate and mirror copies using the Rotate Copies LPE (see settings shown below), and move the rotate origin to your guides.

  3. Do Path > Object to Path, add a stroke, no fill. Draw a circle in the middle

enter image description hereClick to see larger

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