I am using the new version of inkscape (1.2) on a MacBook Pro, and when I try to make lines or shapes I am unable to see the fill or stroke that I adjust. I can adjust the stroke thickness to whatever value I want, along with the stroke colour or fill colour, but I do not see any of the colour appearing. When changing the value of the stroke thickness, I can see the highlighted edges of the stroke changing appropriately (as shown below in blue), but it is not 'filling' the stroke with a colour.

I have both the 'A' and opacity values set to 100, so this is not what appears to be the common solution to similar questions I find elsewhere online.

Does anyone know what is going on, or see anything wrong with what I am doing?

enter image description here

This never happened to me in the old version of inkscape.

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As it says in the window title, you're in outline view, where only the contours of objects are displayed as thin black lines. It's easy to accidentally switch view modes by pressing G or Ctrl + 5.

To go back to normal view, click on 'View → Display Mode → Normal'.

  • Oh I see, thank you very much. I wasn’t aware of this viewing mode, and clearly didn’t notice the detail in the window title.
    – D. Hallatt
    Commented Oct 28, 2022 at 6:34

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