enter image description hereI've read several tutorials and watched quite a few videos but none of them are working.

I am using GIMP and wanting to change color of this icon to the following hex color.

Hex color - #006b5f

The logo I have attached, can someone please, please help me. I am needing to get this sorted asap and have been trying since Thursday last week, to get this done and it's giving me a huge headache, that something so simple, is becoming an absolute nightmare to sort.


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  1. Click on the Foreground colour square in the toolbar, and enter the colour as shown here, and click OK.

enter image description here

  1. In the layers panel hit the Alpha Lock button

enter image description here

  1. Do Edit > Fill with FG colour

enter image description here

That's it really! Do File > Export as, and save as PNG. Make sure to use a new file name so you don't overwrite the original.

  • Thanks a lot for leaving a step by step and as simple as it looks, I'm not sure if there is something wrong with my GIMP, as I followed your instructions step by step and it does not work. This is becoming very frustrating for me, that I just do not understand why this is happening. Nov 20, 2022 at 23:23
  • 9
    @JamesGoodman Which step are you having trouble with?
    – Billy Kerr
    Nov 21, 2022 at 0:16

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