I've got little problem here. Let's see, I want to make pizza slice like object, and I have made it.But when I want to make the object duplicate and rotate, it goes like this enter image description here

I want to know how to measure the pizza slice objects and make it fit to the circle shape in the background.

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This is for Inkscape

  1. First decide how many slices you need. Let's say you want 6. There are 360° in a circle. You need to divide 360° by the number of slices you want, to calculate the angle you need.


  1. Draw a circle, and set the start point to 0°, and the end point to 60°. And press the "Switch to Slice" button.

enter image description here

  1. With the Select tool S, select the slice twice until the rotation handles appear, and with snapping enabled click and drag the rotation centre point to middle of the circle

  2. Duplicate using Ctrl+D and rotate using the Transfrom panel Shift+Ctrl+M to rotate 60°, hitting Apply to make the rotation. Repeat until complete.

  3. If required, change the fill colour of each slice.

enter image description here

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