Sometimes shapes would have parameters like a stoke or rounded corners, but once the shape is drawn, I can't find how to see or change these parameters. Ideas?

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I only have CS 5.1, but this is how I would do it:

To change the stroke of the shape and open up Layer > Layer Styles > Stroke.

As for the corner radius, it's probably easier to just redraw the shape. But you can adjust the handles/anchors using the Direct Selection Tool if you really want to.

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You can view and/or change stroke attributes of the shape on the upper Options panel when you select your shape with Path Selection Tool (A).

You may also copy and paste fill and stroke of the shape by right-clicking on the shape layer name and selecting Copy Shape Attributes/Paste Shape Attributes

However there is now way to view or change the radius of the rounded corners after the shape has been created which I also find quite inconvenient...


@Const right - there is now way oficially...

One working trick for rectangles with same color of fill and stroke - you can use layer style and control border radius with size of stroke.

For advanced vector editing use illustrator

enter image description here


if you are applied stroke in layer style you can see and modify the style.

Using script plugin we can edit and see the rounded corners radius parameters in photoshop.

Here you can find the plugins.

Copy and paste plugins here "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS4\Presets\Scripts".

Open Photoshop file , you can run the script from File->Scripts->Corner Editor and Rounded_Rectangle_Radius_Resizer open any one plugin see the parameters and modify.

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