I'm trying to export 3 differently-sized images as PNGs in Figma. I'd like each image to be contained in the same sized box when exported.

Some things I've tried:

  • Adding a transparent rectangle with the size I want behind them.
  • Adding a frame to each with the size I want.
  • Using a group with the dimensions I want.
  • Switching the frame to an auto-layout and setting the dimensions.

Attached is a screenshot of the frame wrapping one of the images.

frame wrapping image with 607 x 770 pixel dimensions

Example of all three images exported at 1.5x. I'd expected all three images to have the same dimensions.

image dimensions exported at 1.5x

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I was able to solve this by wrapping my image in a frame and selecting the "Clip content" box in the frame settings.

Clip content selected

Now all three images have the same dimensions when exported.

enter image description here

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