I have a set of objects that are placed a certain way and now I want to rotate the whole arrangement. However, if I use the transform-handles it changes the orientation of the objects as well:

Multiple objects after rotation.

How can I rotate the placement, while keeping the individual objects the right way up?

(This question and answer was inspired by a comment on this post)

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This can be done very easily with the 'Object → Transform...' panel.

First switch to the 'Rotate'-tab, set the angle and make sure 'Apply to each object separately' is unchecked. Then click 'Apply':

Objects after first rotation, angled in the wrong direction

Now simply switch the direction with the buttons under the 'Angle' input, enable the 'Apply to each object separately' setting this time and click 'Apply' again:

Objects after second adjustment, facing the correct way

By the way, this works with all kinds of object types, including text-objects, and can also be done using the other transform modes like 'Skew' or 'Scale' (using percentages in that case).

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