I am in the process of a designing a cover for a book.

I have been searching for a font that "speaks" with a Brooklyn accent, if you know what I mean, for use in the title.

I thought of the old film, "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn":

enter image description here

But I could not identify the font exactly; besides, for my purposes, a sketchy handwriting font might be more suitable.

Can someone confidently suggest such a Brooklyn font?

Incidentally, if someone can identify the font in the above picture and where I might find it, that would be very helpful. So far, using a font identifier, I have come up with lots of approximations---some decent, some not so good.

Thank you.

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    The average of modern day Brooklyn has a very different feel than that font I'd say. But it is a very diverse area so no one font can represent all of it Commented Dec 31, 2022 at 14:28

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Fonts don't really "say" anything. It's the overall context of any design that conveys a message. In most designs, almost any font could work it's merely a matter of using other visual elements to convey the "attitude" or "message."

Just a quick image search shows all sorts of fonts used for "Brooklyn" - from scripts, to serifs - including slab serifs, to sans serifs.

enter image description here

What any font may or may not "say" is subjective and each individual may have a different connotation associated with any font.

If the desire is to find a high contrast serif font, @Tetsujin has a great suggestion in Bodoni, but there are many others (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).

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It's almost Bodoni, which you probably already own…
Yours left, Bodoni right, stretched vertically.

enter image description here

I would have no clue what a Brooklyn accent would look like… unless you spelled 'coffee' as 'cwarfee' ;)

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