Been using Inkscape since a long time. I always noticed that the calligraphy tool has some kind of minimum displacement threshold (however that is called) until it begins to actually draw. This was not a major issue to me when using it with the mouse, but recently I acquired a machine with a stylus pen input and this is limiting the accuracy when drawing small lines, and does not allow to draw a dot with the pen. How can this minimum threshold be removed?

I recorded a YouTube video showing this issue.


I know it is something within Inkscape because on other apps the pen works fine (as shown in the video). It is also something specific from the calligraphy tool, happening both with stylus and mouse, and not from other tools even within Inkscape. As soon as the pen touches the screen I get the message "Drawing a calligraphic stroke" in the status bar (see video), but the actual drawing does not begin until I move the pen beyond this threshold. I have played a lot over the years with the settings of this tool but could never fix this behavior.

Any help is appreciated.

OS: Ubuntu 22.04. Inkscape: Inkscape 1.2.



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