I'm attempting to create a gradient foil effect, however I can't seem to find any direction as to how to make this as a vector. I've seen other examples like the one below, but the ones I've made look way to harsh and not modern at all. Are there any techniques I can use to replicate this effect?enter image description here

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    Gradient filled rectangles ? Look at Illustrators Metal Gradients in the Swatch Libraries and see how they were constructed ? (Swatch Libraries> Gradients> Metals)
    – Kyle
    Jan 7, 2023 at 4:51

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They appear to be basic gradient fills. Nothing overly complex.

enter image description here

To "color tint" the rectangles, one method would be to add an additional fill via the Appearance Panel and then lower it's opacity or change the blend mode, or both...

enter image description here

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