enter image description here Here's an image that describes what I mean. The cap of the line segment sticks out when the line segment ends right next to a different line, and I was wondering if there's a good way to make it flush using Inkscape.

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Please correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like you're using the 'Triangle in/out' shape setting from the toolbar of the drawing tools.

Inkscape automatically adds the 'Power Stroke' path-effect to your path to achieve this style. That means that, while in node-editing mode, you can simply move the pink diamond-shaped handle that controls the thickness of the 'Power Stroke' effect a little backwards so it tapers off at the end.

Stroke with the handle moved so it tapers off

If you don't like that line-cap style, then you can open the 'Path → Path Effect...' panel and set the 'End cap' (or 'Start cap') to 'Round' for example.

Same stroke with the 'End cap' option set to 'Round'

By the way, you can Ctrl-click, then drag these nodes to add more of them and fine-tune the thickness of the stroke along the path. Clicking them while holding Shift opens a little dialog where you can set the position and thickness precisely and a Alt + Ctrl-click deletes them again.

Same stroke but with three 'Power Stroke' handles with varying thickness

Admittedly this is only to make it less visually obvious. To truly get what you want, you'll probably have to use 'Path → Object to Path' (or 'Stroke to Path') and manually edit the nodes at the ends. Or cut those parts off with some helper objects and using 'Path → Difference'.

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