I have a bunch of emf files that were converted from svg files with Inkscape commandline. The SVG files were autogenerated and have text objects. Within an SVG file, the text is nicely editable. For example in Incscape I can directly edit the text, add characters etc.

After converting to emf (since I believe PowerPoint has no support for SVGs) I am trying to embed these emfs on a slide. However, while the shapes are nicely editable (colors, size etc.), the text is very cumbersome to edit. Every letter is separately drawn as a new shape. This makes quick editing very cumbersome, e.g. correcting a typo.

Is there a solution to have the text editable as a text object itself or all emf files subject to becoming small path objects within PowerPoint exports?

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A partial answer: Saving "as EMF" in Inkscape has numerous options. One of them is "Convert text to paths". Disable it and get perfectly editable texts - at least if the saved EMF is reopoened in Inkscape. I do not have PowerPoint, so I do not know, if PPt splits your texts to separate letters when you import an EMF.

  • @Majte Worth noting that an EMF file exported from Inkscape with convert text to paths disabled, and then inserted into a LibreOffice Impress document is editable, but you have to right click it and choose "Break" before you can edit it. I would assume that is like ungrouping the graphic. I don't use PowerPoint and don't know if it's possible in that software.
    – Billy Kerr
    Feb 2, 2023 at 10:41
  • The solution has atually worked now. My bad, I had used a wrong filename and kept inserting the old one. My question is now to all Inkscape users, how can I disable the convert to textpath settings in the commanline version of Inkscape? I am on Almalinux.
    – Majte
    Feb 2, 2023 at 11:50

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