I'm trying to make an L shape where the gradient would go from the edge of the path to the center. In the image currently, I have 5 squares (ignoring the white squares) with a reflected gradient. The issue in this image is the corner. I'm not sure how I can seamlessly connect it to its neighbor. Any ideas?

Gradient example

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If you draw your L as a single shape or stroked path, not separate pieces, then you could use a Stroke layer style using a gradient,set the position to Inside, and the style set to Shape Burst, and make the size big enough to cover the hole in the middle.

An example

enter image description hereClick to view larger

If you don't want the gradient to extend to the ends of the L, you could cover over the ends with black rectangles on a new layer, or white squares if you prefer.

enter image description here

  • Thank worked great! Thank you
    – Hector
    Feb 5 at 20:36

Try this:

  • fill with black a L-shaped selection on an otherwise empty layer. As well you can draw a vector shape.
  • give to it layer style "inner glow"
  • tweak the contour curve and other settings for the wanted edge and gradient

An example

enter image description here

Insert the white squares to a new layer if you need them


Seemingly you have already got 2 tricky suggestions. But the next 15 seconds edit is made to your screenshot:

enter image description here

There's a triangular selection over the problem area. It's drawn with the polygonal lasso. Simply take the patch tool and move it upwards from the selection. This is the result.

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