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How hard would it be to design a computer program where you could use voice commands or a command line interface to draw a picture, in an interactive manner?

Here is a sample of commands that could be given to the program, as it draws.

  • Draw a dog.
  • Longer ears.
  • Make it sitting.
  • Make a seagull.
  • Draw a doghouse.
  • Draw the sun.
  • Make the seagull fly from the dog to the doghouse.
  • Draw a stick.
  • Place the stick under the dog's paw.

Does such software exist.

Where can I find such a program?


  • This is not a Graphic Design question. It might be software recommendations, but I think even that may be a stretch.
    – Scott
    Commented Feb 7, 2023 at 4:43

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It is called a text to image AI. Try:

interactivity is there but its bit slow since building the latent space is a slow operation. We arent entirely there yet.

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