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I have a dieline for a 3D cube which I will print my own design onto on my inkjet printer.

How is best to print the fold / cutting marks without them interfering with the design? Would I just print them really thin and in a light colour so that the design gets printed over them?

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Generally you want any marks outside the printable area.

Really you just need enough marks to know where edges fall. Typically fold/score lines are dashed, while cut lines are solid.

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Using something like the above should allow you to cut things out properly.

Score everything first, which will make where to cut clearer.

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(Note: The marks on these images may not be aligned 100% accurately. I merely eyeballed alignments to provide an example.)


I would probably use a very light gray, let's say 10%. Print a series of thin lines on different color densities and make a choice.

That depends on the design of course.

But probably you should think in cut marks. Those are outside the design.

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If the design is going to be commercially printed, you need to send your pink lines as a separate layer or even a separate file.

And you will use now the cut marks I mentioned to align the design with the cutting.


You could set the document up so the light grey lines are printed on the inside of the box, so when it's folded they are invisble.

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