Many times it appears impossible to select an object by clicking on it in the main screen, even though it is not locked. What can cause the issue?

  • Perhaps it's a permissions issue? There's not enough detail for us to really help you Feb 16 at 18:48

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If you cannot select more than one object, you may be in view mode. Most likely, you need access to edit or you need to log in to Figma under your name.

Here you can read more about it


I hope this helped you, if not, write to me.


I was trying to move an arrow with no tail. It is extremely difficult to select. In fact, the only way is to click exactly at the intersection of the 2 head bars.

  • This looks like some kind of bug. Add a screenshot to the post, I think that should clarify what the problem is.
    – AndriiD
    Feb 18 at 18:26

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