last night, i'was working on a project and I didn't see that my laptop's battery was going to dead, . After a while it became dead and went on hibernate mode, still i didn't plug the charger to it. After working for 1-2 min (I WAS PRESSING "CRTL + S") AFTER EVERY 30 SEC, it became shut down then after charging my laptop when i opening the that psd file, it shows everything blank, none of any layers are showing just a single layer named "backgound" even the size of that psd file is showing "93.8 Mb" which means there's something in that file. but why not it is showing???

pls help if anyone knows the reason behind and how can i bring that file(with layers) back.

Thank you. Rahul Sharma

Layers Missing even when the file size is 93.8 mb

image showing psd size

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    File size is not an indicator of recoverable data. If file data could be recovered, Photoshop would have recovered it. The file is lost. If you have auto-recover enabled in the Photoshop preferences, you can check that directory to see if there's a .psb file there. Otherwise, it's gone.
    – Scott
    Feb 21 at 9:43


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